Scubayorp Outreach  
  • Scubayorp Domestic Outreach

    Scubayorp Domestic Outreach provides a range of household and personal services. This can include maths tutoring, family tree research, house cleaning/de-cluttering, lawn mowing, handyman repairs, aged care (social and domestic) and youth support services.

    As well as holding a CertIV in Training & Assessment, we have recently gained experience and knowledge towards a Cert III in Aged Care and performed a variety of tasks for seniors and for organisations that provide emergency housing and training in life skills for adolescents. We have provided social and domestic support, math tuition, driving lessons, repair and maintenance, emotional support, med guidance, palliative care, logistics and transport for a range of clients in many difficult life circumstances.

    We will continue to be involved in these much neglected sectors of our community.

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