Scubayorp Outreach  

Terms and Conditions

ScubaYorp Outreach follows a strict set of moral and legal guidelines regarding confidentiality, tolerance, respect, liability and privacy.

ALL communications with ScubaYorp Outreach are regarded as 'in confidence' unless and until otherwise advised.

ScubaYorp Outreach will interact with everyone who contacts us, in a polite, professional and honest manner.

ScubaYorp Outreach will maintain certifications appropriate to the content delivered , as well as current First Aid, Working with Children, National Criminal History Check, equipment licences and insurance.

Alcohol, drugs, firearms and smoking are prohibited at ScubaYorp Outreach events.

ScubaYorp Outreach carries Public Liability insurance and so to protect the business and the general public, it reserves the right, based on reasonably determined risks associated with age, mobility, attitude and fitness, to deny any client entry or enrolment into events.

Legal minors (18 years old) who attend ScubaYorp Outreach events are the sole responsibility of their parent/guardian and ScubaYorp Outreach assumes no responsibility for their welfare, except as required under Western Australian law.

ScubaYorp Outreach events may have a maximum of 15 adults and a maximum of 5 minors under appropriate supervision by their legal guardians.

ScubaYorp Outreach event groups consisting mainly of minors, such as school-aged students, must include adults at the appropriate supervision rates for their own institution.

Most issues can be resolved with give-and-take negotiation, so please tell us if you experience anything inappropriate and we will act immediately to redress the issue.