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  • 28 August at 23:13 from facebook

    Huge thanks and congratulations to Denise and staff of Ashdale Primary School for their successful first astronomy/space night. Lots of happy kiddies and parents. Looking forward to next year!

  • 20 August at 21:16 from facebook

    The Worlds of David Darling

  • 19 August at 16:35 from facebook

    ABC Perth

  • 16 August at 10:49 from facebook

    Cassie Rowe MLA

  • 16 August at 10:46 from facebook

    Adelaide Planetarium Supernovas

  • 16 August at 10:45 from facebook

    The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave

  • 13 August at 12:24 from facebook

    Chief Scientist says obsession with ATAR is leading students astray

  • 13 August at 12:22 from facebook

    Measuring a monster: The two *billion* solar mass black hole in NGC 3258

  • 13 August at 12:22 from facebook

    Key phosphorus-based molecule for life on Earth may have come from space

  • 13 August at 00:17 from facebook

    Dowerin Community Resource Centre