ScubaYorp STEM Outreach  
  • Moon Watching in Mandurah, WA

    Come along to the Mandurah foreshore around sunset for a unique and fascinating evening with astronomer Rob Hunt.

    Around each full Moon (dates below), we'll look at the Moon through my 14 inch telescope, try the Einsteinian gravity well, discuss space travel, astronomy and anything else you're curious about!!

    Explore the universe and ask all those questions you've been wondering about.

    $35 each unless you're under 10, then it's free!

    Head on over to Eventbrite  to buy tickets.

    The W3W location is lamp.dreamer.loaf

    Astro events are very weather dependent, so a "Go - No go" decision will be made at 3PM on the day. Please check back here on the day.

    This month's time:

    6:30 - 8:30 PM, Sunday, Apr 05, 2020

    Clear skies!