ScubaYorp STEM Outreach  

Our extensive experience & qualifications back our outreach services.

We use a computerised, Dobsonian telescope to observe the night sky, a stretched lycra 'gravity well' to demonstrate the nature of space, and home-made water rockets to have fun launching.

Audience-appropriate language is used to enthral and engage with otherwise difficult concepts and to view amazing celestial targets. Space science and astronomy are merged and attendees are encouraged by the hands-on nature of the equipment and the fascinating relevance of Einsteinian physics supplemented by telescope operation.

Learn and laugh while erasing the stigma of these areas of knowledge.

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Acknowledgement of Country
Ngullar kaditj nidja Boorloo mia mia Whadjuk Noongar boodjar kura yeye boorda.
(I acknowledge this place called Perth is on Whadjuk Noongar lands from the past, today and in the future.)